• RFE Eindhoven

    June 17th, 0500Z-2159Z | Enjoy the event prepared by IVAO Netherlands!

What's a RFE?

RFE stands for Real Flight Event. It's an event where the real world airline schedules of an airport are followed during the time of event by all the participants.

Wide Variety of Flights

Many flights depart and arrive at Eindhoven airport on a daily base. By participating on this RFE you have the opportunity to be one of those flights.

Realistic ATC Service

During the Event as much ATC stations as posible and required will be staffed to simulate realistic operations.

Different People

Every IVAO member can book his flight and participate in this RFE. It also is an opportunity to meet new people from diffrent divisions to share the same passion.

A unique opportunity

We dont have many RFE's so this is your moment to be part of this unique opportunity.

How can I join?

Look at the menu above and click over Book your flight!